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Scissor Sharpening
by Mail

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Mail in Scissor Sharpening with Wicked Sharp Shears is surprisingly easy and worry free, which is the whole point. Your shears will be in expert hands, mine and only mine, and they will be restored to as close to perfect condition as your shears can be.* And they will be one their way back to you FAST, usually within 24 hours of our receiving them, and ALWAYS within 48 hours.

Protective & Secure Return
Your shears will be returned in protective packaging via USPS Priority Mail with tracking numbers, and we will send a convenient return protective envelope for the next time you need Wicked Sharp Shears.


Quality Doesn’t cost, it Pays!
My price is $45**, which includes your return shipping. There are plenty of cheaper scissor sharpening services out there, but please remember …. QUALITY DOESN’T COST, IT PAYS! Your scissors are the lifeblood of your livelihood. Why take the risk of hoping that a traveling sharpener knows what he’s doing? A couple thousand stylists already know to trust no one else to handle their tools. I treat them with TLC, like they were my own. No shortcuts. No compromises.

* Some shears damaged in the past by incompetent sharpeners may never be fully restored. Most horrific sharpening removes far too much steel, and once it’s gone, I can’t put it back. If a scissor is truly a lost cause, I will not attempt a repair without contacting you and will likely just return the scissor and your money.** If a scissor needs replacement parts or major corrective work from previous damage, additional but reasonable charges will apply.