Learning the Craft – Shear Sharpening Training
Are you interested in learning the craft of shear sharpening? If so, John is the man that can teach you the skills needed through shear sharpening training . Earn cash every day – either part time for extra income or full time as a career –and enjoy the freedom that comes with being your own boss. You will learn hands-on from a highly skilled master sharpener and teacher, using the same tools and equipment that he uses every day in the field.
With clear step by step instruction delivered one on one in his workshop, John will teach you to use the traditional Japanese techniques that employ a flat hone and Waterstones to create the magnificent sharp and durable edges that hair stylists demand. He does not teach gimmicks or shortcuts designed to cut corners in order to do fast work.
Following your training with John, if you employ the methods and techniques that you were taught, your work is bound to be of consistently higher quality than your competitors, very very few of which have received proper professional instruction and hands on training in the true art of shear sharpening. With our thorough training, you will have the skills needed to develop a reputation as the best, most professional sharpener in your market area. And that means that you can quickly build a business by delivering a superior product for the same price.
Don’t make the mistake of opting for scissor sharpening training that won’t prepare you to be the best. John has already re-trained several sharpeners who chose basic instruction over the detail-oriented comprehensive program that John offers. Learn the craft correctly the first time and acquire the skills needed to be a confident and competent professional, by training with a master sharpener with a proven track record.

Your training will also include more than just sharpening techniques. You will understand the subtleties of the craft including the different types of steel, variations in brands and designs, proper adjustment and common repairs. John will also share the same business strategy and sales methods that he used to build his business, potentially saving you years of learning curve.
If you would like to schedule shear sharpening training or just want more information, call John at 561-589-9484 or email at john@wickedsharpshears.com.
Training will require a full weekend, perhaps more if the student wants or needs to go further in developing shear sharpening skills.
These local hotels offer reasonable pricing and are only a few minutes away from the Wicked Sharp Shears workshop.