Knife Sharpening

Don’t let our name fool you! Our world-class sharpening isn’t limited to hair styling shears. We handle all sorts of knives as well, applying the same standards of precision and impeccable detail to knives as we do for scissors. Our goal is always to extend the lifespan of the knife by combining perfect edge work with minimal removal of steel.

Our repertoire includes chef’s knives, hunting knives, folding knives, camp knives — from super premium hand-made Japanese blades to everyday favorites – and all of them are sharpened to the precise angles that are appropriate for the knife’s intended use, or to the preference of its owner.

This is not one-size-fits-all bench grinder sharpening like you get from the hardware store or the vacuum cleaner repair shop. Nor is it what you get from kitchen counter, at-home sharpening devices. It’s precision work. If you love your knives and want them sharpened with ultimate care, look no further.

And our pricing is surprisingly low, giving you a premium job at every-day prices.

Let us show you how our world-class sharpening can take your knives from ho-hum to Wicked Sharp. You will be impressed. Guaranteed.

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